3 exercises that prevent breast relaxation

Push-up bras are not your only option is to stop this. “The development of muscles beneath the breasts will improve the appearance of your breasts and make them to izgledajui larger,” explains Jen Komas Kek, a certified trainer

These exercises can help you to increase your breast in a natural way. The exercises are specially designed by Jen Komas Kek. “Do exercises for the breast from different angles with the appropriate weight that will stimulate and develop the muscles. These exercises can create a nice shape breasts. The key to making this plan is an efficient and easy: Make sure you choose the appropriate weight lifting.

While doing the exercises you need to repeat the last two are doing so that you are running out of power. It is important that the muscles are loaded heavier weights to maintain muscle growth, “says Jen.

Thrust to weight-handed
Press the weights up and down the middle until your arms are fully stretched with weights vertically above the chest. Controlled lower weights in addition to the chest until you feel a slight stretch in the muscles of the chest and shoulders, and repeat the thrust. Do 10 repetitions.


Take a position for push-ups, on all fours and place his hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Connect the foot. Your body should be in a straight line. Lower your body until your chest almost touching the floor, pause, and then push it to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions.

Leaning bench press
Sit on a bench that is set to a low incline. The legs should be on the floor. Palms facing forward. Take a weight in each hand and hold them over his shoulder as the elbows slightly bent. Slowly lower the weights down until elbows are level with the chest, pause, and then push the weights back to the ceiling. Exhale while lifting weights, and breathe slowly while you descend. Do 10 repetitions.

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