Illustrations that can save your life: What does the pain in the neck, back, arms mean?

Pain is a way in which your body is signaling that something is wrong with a certain organ, so it is not wise to ignore and not to think about it.

Sometimes timely reaction can save your life, so if you find yourself in any of the illustrations is not bad to do a medical test.

1. Problems with heart

The first symptoms are pain in the chest, while some people feel pain and numbness of the left hand and upper back.


2. Lungs and diaphragm

Pains in the neck and shoulders are the first signs that something is wrong with the lungs and diaphragm.


3. Liver and gallbladder

If you feel pain on the right side of the body, the location of these organs, and besides that you have pains in your neck and shoulders, be sure to check the work of the liver and gallbladder.


4. Stomach and pancreas

About 50% of people suffering from chronic pancreatitis, feel these pains. Do not ignore them.


5. Small intestine

Pain around the navel is specific, therefore it is necessary for the doctor to explain where exactly you feel pain.


6. Large intestine and appendicitis

Pain in the lower right part of the abdomen is the first sign that something is wrong with the appendix and colon.


7. Kidneys

Any pain in the lower back, abdomen, pelvis and upper thighs should be associated with irregular works of the kidneys.


8. Bladder

Women often mix this pain with that of the ovaries before menstruation, so it is time to learn the difference.


9. Ovaries

Inflammation of the ovaries is usually manifested by pain in both sides of the abdomen. Cysts usually cause sharp pain, so if you feel them it is required to see a doctor.


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