Very Simple Drink For Reducing Cholesterol and Melting Fat!!!

This is really simple recipe for preparing the drink that will melt your fats and will normalize  your cholesterol.

We failed to find the origin of the recipe, but it is told from person to person, and those who took it to us say they have discovered it from an old retired doctor.

All who have tried this recipe are very satisfied. It is initially consumed as medicine for lowering cholesterol, but they later noticed that not only it normalized their fats but it simultaneously began to melt the fats.

For people with some extra kilos, it was a bonus plus – “two birds with one stone”: -)

For this drink you need only good quality, grinded corn flour and water.


1 flat tablespoon of cornstarch

1 cup pure water


Mix one tablespoon of cornstarch in a bowl of cold water. Stir and let stand overnight.Cover the glass with paper napkin from coming dust. Then, the next morning, before anything else – drink the liquid to the sediment (without drinking the sediment).

The drink has almost no taste, perhaps it tastes a little as a fresh corn.

Drink it regularly every day for a period of two months. Then do a check to the doctor. Cholesterol need to be reduced.

You can unlimitedly drink this beverage.



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