10 biggest mistakes that slow down metabolism

If you eat healthy, by applying these 10 tips you will not need to lose weight …

Even in most clear diet, it is important to charge your body with enough of energy for proper functioning.

It is often subjected to various diets, and instead of the metabolism of nutrients to goes smoothly and quickly, and each meal to contains at least 400 calories we are doing many mistakes.

1. Not eating enough
If you want to reduce the number of pounds, you will need to increase physical activity and not getting too many calories. However, do not overdo it. When you eat less than you needed for your body to function normally (about 1,200 calories for women), it slows down the metabolism. Eat enough to be fed, snacks between 3 meals is required (each about 430 calories). Doing so your metabolism will function normally. If you eat regularly at 3 or 4 hours, it will keep you fuller and prevent you to overeat.

2. Avoiding caffeine
Caffeine is the main stimulant of the central nervous system, so that the daily intake of caffeine can speed up the metabolism of 5-8 percent, or 98 to 174 calories per day. According to a Japanese study, one cup of tea can boost metabolism up to 12 percent. Namely, a catechin, an antioxidant found in tea has beneficial effect on the acceleration metzabolizma.

3. Entering the “white” carbohydrates in body
Increase fiber intake by going on flour from whole grain cereal (and pasta) and the introduction of fruit and vegetables. According to some studies, fibers can accelerate the metabolism and up to 30 percent, and it has been proven that women who enter in the food plenty of fiber slowly gaining weight.

4. Drinking water that is at room temperature
German researchers have shown that if you drink 6 glasses of cold water a day burn 50 calories a day, which is about 2 kilograms a year.

5. Consuming sprayed fruits and vegetables
The best performance of a body is seen in people who eat organic food. When toxins are found in pesticides in the body, metabolism slows down. Also, these toxins can stimulate cultivation. Always choose organic when buying peaches, apples, bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, lettuce, grapes (imported) and pears, because inorganic fruits and vegetables contain high levels of pesticides.

6. Not having enough protein in the diet
Each meal should contain protein to maintain muscle mass. If you eat meat, let it be clean, lean meats. If you don’t eat meat in the meal, add 2 tablespoons of nuts or 200 grams of yogurt. These foods speed up metabolism after eating up to 30 percent.

Dieting. Balanced diet based on raw organic vegetables

7. Your diet does not have enough iron
Foods high in iron leads oxygen which it is necessary to burn fat. Until menopause, women during their menstrual cycle lose a lot of iron. Therefore maintain iron levels in the normal range to avoid slowing down the metabolism. Shellfish, meat, beans, grains and spinach are among the richest foods with iron.

8. Your diet does not have enough vitamin D
Eat salmon, tuna, shrimp, milk, cereals and eggs to compensate the lack of this vitamin.

9. Drinking too much alcohol
Stop after the first cocktail, because alcohol slows down your metabolism, so your oragnizam burning alcohol instead of fat. If you drink two cocktails, fat burning will slow to 73 percent.

10. Do not eat enough dairy products
Some research suggests that calcium deficiency can slow metabolism. If in your diet include dairy products prevents fat absorption from other foods.



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