The seven-day anti-cellulite diet

Still not too late to remove cellulite, consider nutritionists who created this seven-day diet. Of course, along with massage, stretching exercises or swimming, breathing, walking and various anti-cellulite treatments, for the total exemption of “orange peel” or at least to mitigate this effect, this diet is a true ally.

Anti-cellulite diet, proposed by nutritionists, helps the body get rid of poisonous (toxic) substances and does not take away the calories, but includes foods that are easily digested. This means taking fruits and vegetables because they purify the body. Bananas, citrus fruits, watermelon, cantaloupe, potatoes and tomatoes are very rich with potassium, while forest fruits such as blueberries are rich with bioflavonoids that help in the microcirculation. An excellent choice is the pineapple which is rich with fiber.

In addition to a good selection, food is important to properly prepare. Vegetables and fruits you should eat raw or steamed without fat, and the meat should be cooked on the grill or oven grids with a little olive oil. During this diet you should increase the intake of water (at least 1.5 liters a day) due to the elimination of toxins from the body. All who choose to implement anti-cellulite diet should turn to a dietician who will monitor and control it rom a medical point of view.

For the successful implementation of the cellulite child, it is important to understand that to fight against unsightly skin requires discipline, as it is carried out over a longer period of time. But persistence pays off in the end because the final results in the fight against the “orange peel” are visible.



* Breakfast: A cup of barley coffee, cereal with light yogurt.

* Snack: A glass of squeezed orange juice.

* Lunch: Salad with mussels and peppers, salad of tomatoes and arugula.

* Snack: Forest fruit sprinkled with lemon

* Dinner: Grilled chicken breast (instead of salt file is seasoned with a few drops of lemon), cooked fennel with lemon, pineapple, if desired.


* Breakfast: A cup of barley coffee, whole wheat crackers, honey.

* Snack: Milk shake apricot and mango.

* Lunch: Salad with rice, spinach with lemon, lemon sorbet.

* Snack: A banana.

* Dinner: Mozzarella or fresh cheese, a salad of green cooked vegetables, pineapple.


* Breakfast: A cup of barley coffee with light milk, wholemeal biscuit.

* Snack: Milk shake honey.

* Lunch: Cold soup, wholemeal bread.

* Snack: Peaches.

* Dinner: Boiled white fish, chard seasoned with olive oil and lemon, whole-wheat bread.


* Breakfast: Carrot juice, black roll.

* Snack: Sunflower seeds.

* Lunch: Cauliflower, chicken, salad, black bread.

* Snack: Fruit or fruit juice.

* Dinner: Yogurt, cheese, bread, salad.


* Breakfast: Milk, butter, jam, black bread.

* Snack: Fruit.

* Lunch: Peas, bread, salad.

* Snack: Juice of fruit or vegetables.

* Dinner: Cooked vegetables, fish, salad, black bread.


* Breakfast: Juice, fruit or vegetable, toast, cheese, margarine.

* Snack: Fruit Salad.

* Lunch: Steak soy, spinach with potatoes, salad, bread.

* Snack: Fruit.

* Dinner: Pizza with vegetables.


* Breakfast: Milk, cereal.

* Snack: Ice cream.

* Lunch: Cabbage with meat, wholemeal bread, salad beetroot.

* Snack: White coffee.

* Dinner: Cooked vegetables, meat, salad, bread.



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