Jennifer Lopez reveals her secret exercise to a Perfect Ass!

Jennifer Lopez’s obsession with buttocks has lasted for several years, and all lovers of curves are looking for the ideal exercise that will be the best for achieving  that kind of ass.

David Kirsch, personal trainer of Jennifer Lopez, reveals the secret exercise that if performed three times a week, you will see results already in two to three weeks.

How is the exercise performed:

  • Spread your feet in the level of your hips.
  • Lift your right leg bent at the knee at 90 degrees and rotate to the right.
  • Lower the leg a little more to the right of the starting position, as soon as you lower down, do a squat (squatting) as a sumo wrestler.
  • When you lift up, lift your right leg from the position in which you lowered it and do swing / stroke forward.


Perform this  exercise with each leg 15-20 repetitions without interruptions in 2-3 sets.

Coach Kirsch says this is a great exercise not only for perfectly shaped and lifted butt, but also for a tighter waist and shaping the entire lower part of the body.

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