About us

Modestly, we stepped into a very demanding project for all of you, with a view to providing the best we can – knowledge. We are proud of what we have at all times remained faithful to the initial philosophy of “free” magazine, because its value highlights the knowledge provided. Not said in vain that knowledge is worth gold, particularly if used in everyday life, enriching the mind and body.

We must point out that all of this would not be possible without the support of a number of physicians who have unselfishly passed and still pass on their knowledge and experience, and the sponsors who believed in us and trusted us advertise their products. We must not forget our faithful readers who motivate us not to give up on their way. Their interest, praise, many letters of support and good advice have certainly played a major role, which is still continuing.

In seeking compliance with world trends of globalization and computerization of modern business and with the desire of expanding the circle of those who can provide certain knowledge we have launched a web site www.findsomethinghealthy.com.