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The seven-day anti-cellulite diet

Still not too late to remove cellulite, consider nutritionists who created this seven-day diet. Of course, along with massage, stretching exercises or swimming, breathing, walking and various anti-cellulite treatments, for the total

Lemon diet: Remove excess weight and remove toxins

The most famous stars run this diet and thus maintain their body weight. If you want to get rid of excess weight in a short period of time this diet is ideal

10 biggest mistakes that slow down metabolism

If you eat healthy, by applying these 10 tips you will not need to lose weight … Even in most clear diet, it is important to charge your body with enough of

Want to lose belly fat? Drink this beverage every morning!

For the excess kilos that pile up around the stomach,  the guilt is often found in the lazy bowels that prevent burning of fat and the elimination of feces from the body.

Very Simple Drink For Reducing Cholesterol and Melting Fat!!!

This is really simple recipe for preparing the drink that will melt your fats and will normalize  your cholesterol. We failed to find the origin of the recipe, but it is told

Goat Milk is 100 Times Healthier Than Cow Milk!!!

– Goat milk has bigger mineral content of cow’s milk, especially potassium and chloride. Goat milk and cheese are very healthy to consume because they have specific, effective therapeutic values! Goat milk

What can we eat if we Hurry for Gym

It often happens that the busy lifestyle we’re living, causes not get to eat at the time to be able to do a good training. It happens to get hungry in the

Easy ways to lose 3 kg in 1 week

Once you overeat meat, pasta and salads, and you feel that you gained a few kilograms, which bothers you, it is time to find the ideal plan for weight loss. No one

3 exercises that prevent breast relaxation

Push-up bras are not your only option is to stop this. “The development of muscles beneath the breasts will improve the appearance of your breasts and make them to izgledajui larger,” explains