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Kale Crisps: Much tastier & easier than you think!

Ingenuity at its best plus soooo much healthier than processed versions. Also if you’re having someone over or have unexpected visitors and you’ve nothing in the house, this ticks all the boxes

A Powerful Drink Against Seediness!

Pain in the head and body “dried up” by alcohol are the consequences of the nights spent in celebration. The morning after the party of many is synonymous with seediness from which

 Tea against colds! It Helps for Sure!!!

It was tested countless times … always helps but cannot  help immediately, needs a few preparations. You can feel the improvement even the first time,  and the more you drink, the more

Mongolian Recipe For Regulation Of Blood Sugar Level!

The main ingredient in this healing preparation is the Coriander. This is an old Mongolian recipe for lowering the blood sugar level. Ingredients: 10 g finely chopped or  grinded coriander 200 ml

Cleaning of the Gall-Bladder with Orange and Olive Oil!

Improper gallbladder function makes it difficult to digest any fats in the diet, which can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Luckily, there is a natural treatment you can try to boost

How to make natural Viagra with only 3 ingredients!

Watermelon is one of the healthiest foods in the world and certainly one of our favorite desserts during the warm summer nights. However, this delicious fruit in combination with 2 more ingredients

If You Are Suffering From A Chronic Fatigue, This Is A Recipe For You!

Often signs of chronic fatigue, prostration, exhaustion and drowsiness, may indicate too many toxins in your blood. That is the reason why regular “cleansing” is required.  Retention of toxins in the blood

A Mixture Of Seeds And Grains For Fatty Liver!

The following mixture reduces cholesterol, constipation, reduces triglycerides and cleans fatty liver. – Preparation and use In a food processor should be nicely minced: 500 g of oat flakes 250 g wheat

EASY Ointment Against Burns – VERY Effective!

This Ointment is a very old recipe, very effective, so easy to make it, and very cheap. Ingredients: 3 full tablespoons lard 1 egg white 1 small cup home made brandy, preferably Como

AMAZING Tonic Against Hair Loss!

With regular use of this tonic will not only prevent hair loss, but this will become mane and shinier. Preparation: Boil 100 gr of nettle leaves in half a liter of distilled water