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Five Foods That You Should Not Consume Before Sex!

– In no case you should eat fries before sex  Mint Mint is not good to eat before sex because it has the power to reduce the level of testosterone thus reducing

How to make natural Viagra with only 3 ingredients!

Watermelon is one of the healthiest foods in the world and certainly one of our favorite desserts during the warm summer nights. However, this delicious fruit in combination with 2 more ingredients

4 Ideas for Valentine That Will Thrill Your Unromantic Partner!!!

St. Valentine just arrived and you are devoted to this holiday, then you are certainly looking for the perfect gift for your partner. But what if your partner is not a fan

5 Foods That Fight Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re everyday getting ready to go in the bedroom is used to be easy, but now you find yourself reaching for the Viagra, you’re not alone. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more

5 sex positions for deeper intimacy with your partner

The unexpected and quick sex can  be funny, but for some more the  intimate and long sex is a bigger pleasure. If you are of the latter type of couples, certainly it

All you need to know about contraception

The term contraception includes all methods and means that are aimed at protection against unwanted pregnancy. What is the effectiveness of birth control? All contraceptive methods are effective, but none of them