Posting fake on Facebook can make you stressed, depressed

Posting fake on Facebook can make you stressed, depressed

The more one’s ‘Facebook self’ differs from their true self, the greater their stress level, says research. If you do not portray your true self on Facebook, be warned as you may More »

Genetic factors may increase risk of eye cancer

Genetic factors may increase risk of eye cancer

Specific inherited genetic differences may increase the risk of eye cancer — uveal melanoma, a rare form of melanoma that arises from pigment cells that determine eye colour, a new study has More »

Freeze your egg, don’t kick your career, say Doctors to working women

Freeze your egg, don’t kick your career, say Doctors to working women

IVF Expert at city based Indira IVF, Sagarika Agarwal, said: “Egg freezing could be a boon for the working women in India.” Barely five per cent of working women in India prefer More »

Quit smoking treatments

Quit smoking treatments

Quitting smoking can be incredibly difficult, but there are many treatments that can help you do it. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) NRT provides a safe, controlled way of administering nicotine without all More »

How Allergic Are You?

How Allergic Are You?

An allergy is the immune system’s response to a foreign substance that’s not typically harmful to your body. These foreign substances are called allergens. They can include certain foods, pollen, or pet More »

Cleaning of the Gall-Bladder with Orange and Olive Oil!

Improper gallbladder function makes it difficult to digest any fats in the diet, which can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Luckily, there is a natural treatment you can try to boost

Clean Your Sinuses And Get Rid Of Congestion In A Few Minutes!

Believe it or not, when you read this article you will be able to rid your sinuses from the annoying mucus that constantly flows from the nose during cold and long period

How to make natural Viagra with only 3 ingredients!

Watermelon is one of the healthiest foods in the world and certainly one of our favorite desserts during the warm summer nights. However, this delicious fruit in combination with 2 more ingredients

If You Are Suffering From A Chronic Fatigue, This Is A Recipe For You!

Often signs of chronic fatigue, prostration, exhaustion and drowsiness, may indicate too many toxins in your blood. That is the reason why regular “cleansing” is required.  Retention of toxins in the blood

Why Do We Yell When We Are Angry, And Whisper When We Are In Love?

A professor during the lectures asked his students: “Why do we yell when we are angry? Why do people yell at each other when they are upset? And why do we whisper

A Mixture Of Seeds And Grains For Fatty Liver!

The following mixture reduces cholesterol, constipation, reduces triglycerides and cleans fatty liver. – Preparation and use In a food processor should be nicely minced: 500 g of oat flakes 250 g wheat

EASY Ointment Against Burns – VERY Effective!

This Ointment is a very old recipe, very effective, so easy to make it, and very cheap. Ingredients: 3 full tablespoons lard 1 egg white 1 small cup home made brandy, preferably Como

AMAZING Tonic Against Hair Loss!

With regular use of this tonic will not only prevent hair loss, but this will become mane and shinier. Preparation: Boil 100 gr of nettle leaves in half a liter of distilled water

Finally we have the answer – why indeed appear white spots on nails?

There is a generally accepted opinion that the main reason for the appearance of white spots on the nails is lack of calcium, but not so. There is a generally accepted opinion

A Juice Which Will Raise You From The Dead: It Has Been Famous For Decades In The World And It Takes Only 2 Minutes For Preparation

Become popular thanks to the claim that it can treat cancer, besides that, The natural remedy we present today has been used throughout the years as an amazing to improve your immune